A Pennsylvania Bar has Created the "Tide Pod Challenge" Shot

As the "Tide Pod Challenge" rages on, a sports pub in Pennsylvania has created an alcoholic alternative.

Instead of laundry detergent, this booze filled shot is made with Bailey's Irish Cream, vodka dyed orange with food coloring and the citrus liqueur, blue Curacao.

While the bar reports the drink is a hit at the bar, others aren't too pleased.

Facebook users have complained about the shot and the social media site has removed the images due to the health issues caused by ingesting the actual pods.

The New York Times reported that in early January, poison control centers found that 39 teens were "intentionally exposed to the detergent packets".

The bar found a loophole around the banning by posting about "the shot banned by Facebook."

YouTube has also said they would remove any and all videos of people eating the pods and Tide has even issued their own warning about not ingesting the detergent.

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