Villagers mistake frozen airplane poop for meteor, put pieces in fridge

Credit: Getty Images

Some Indian villagers were so excited after a frozen "meteor" landed in a farmer's field over the weekend, that some of them took some chunks of it and put them in their refrigerators.

Meteorites can be worth big money, potentially thousands of dollars. But it turns out this "meteor" wasn't a meteor after all, it was just poop that fell from an airplane. 

Govind Singh told the Indian Express:

"I rushed to the spot and saw the object. It seemed to weigh at least 8 or 10 kilograms, judging by the dent it had made on the ground. Initially, we thought it could be ice but it was not melting. So, we figured it must have some kind of chemical in it."

Scientists from the India Meteorological Department came out to the farm and took samples from the site. They concluded the rock was indeed frozen feces.

The people who put the poop in their refrigerators were understandably upset and had to clean their appliances and anything else that the frozen mass came into contact with.

According to the Indian Express, airplanes dropping waste from the sky is a problem in India. Just 10 days ago, the government had to state again a 2016 order prohibiting airlines from relieving themselves mid-air.

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