Hack in Dumpster - First one of 2018!

Credit: Getty Images

It's the first edition of Hack in a Dumpster for 2018, how exciting! This hack is not a politician, he's a retiring climatologist from JPL.

Bill Patzert warned us a few years back that California was going to have a "Godzilla" El Niño. That didn't happen, and the next year he predicted a La Niña where it would be totally dry.

The La Niña year turned out to be one of the wettest ever and busted the California drought! During the drought Patzert scolded us about watering our lawns, taking showers, doing dishes, and just about every other normal thing you can think of.

He gets the dumpster! And he gets a special guest tossed on top of him, Godzilla! It's a big task for our angry mob, but they can do it.

Let's pick up Bill Patzert and Godzilla and throw them into the dumpster!

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