Second Hollywood Sign Proposed for Social Media Opportunities

The City of Los Angeles has proposed building a replica of the iconic 'Hollywood' sign on the other side of the mountain and making it more photo friendly and accessible to tourists. 

A study was conducted by the firm Dixon Resources Unlimited and presented to the city council by member David Ryu. It outlines strategies to enable tourist access and alleviate traffic around Griffith Park. The replica sign would have a visitor's center as well as a platform to allow for photo opportunities. 

“The Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park are being loved to death,” Ryu said in a statement. “This is a world-renowned icon, and possibly the only one without proper access to it. It’s like having the Statue of Liberty without a visitor’s center, viewing platform, or even a sign telling you how to get to it.” 

The LA Zoo side of the mountain would be the home for the new sign allowing for a similar backdrop. The report does note that building a replica sign could diminish the prestige associated with the original. 

“For educational and historical purposes, it may make the most sense to maintain only the original sign,” the report says. “An additional sign is proposed as a strategy to consider because of its potential to improve safety and reduce neighborhood congestion.” 

Read more at Curbed Los Angeles 

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