Electronics crackdown at state psychiatric hospital causes riots

Department of State Hospitals - Coalinga

The recent crackdown on electronics at Coalinga psychiatric hospital, which houses violent sex predators, has caused riots and unrest. Patients have broken windows, clogged toilets, and thrown food, according to officials at the facility.

Ken August, a spokesman for California Department of State Hospitals, said the new regulations put forward on Friday are a response to patients viewing and storing child porn on their devices.

Patients can't have internet access and devices that can copy or store digital content. DVDs and CDs that are commercially produced are allowed, as well as digital media players without internet access.

Protests over the new rules have turned violent. Patients shoved police officers who were trying to search someone, and two patients got minor injuries.

A report from the Fresno Bee says three patients have been charged with felony obstruction of a public officer and misdemeanor charges for rioting.

One patient is accused of tossing pee on coffee shop workers and even starting fires. An estimated 60 windows have been smashed at the hospital.

Because of the unrest, the hospital has been put on lockdown and extra police officers have been brought in. The visiting center is closed indefinitely.

While the new regulations apply to all state hospitals, Coalinga has been the only one so far to see the chaos.

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