#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report With Petros

If you hate The Bachelor, then this week was just as unbearable as every other week.

If you love the show, then this week was pretty good, all in all.

If you love to hate the show, then this week was perfect.

Krystal let us know how amazing she is, how she has been amazing her whole life, and how she has Arie and the competition in the bag.

Then there's Lauren S.  Oh, Lauren S....  

Lauren S. likes to talk.  A.  Lot.

Family?  Let's talk about it.

Relationships?  I got this.

Weird eye infections?  Let's cover it.

Finally, who is the one person the Make Out King won't make out with?  Annaliese.

Who got fed up with the Make Out King for not making out with them?  Annaliese.

It's all ridiculous, but it is all amazing!

Listen to the Bachelor Report with Petros Papadakis right here! 

Read the full story at Vulture

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