Man discovers 5-foot tapeworm inside his body

Sushi fans beware! A Fresno man whose favorite food was raw salmon went to the E.R. at Community Regional Medical Center where he asked doctors to treat him for worms.

He discovered a gigantic worm hanging out of him while he was going to the bathroom. Dr. Kenny Bahn told the story on the "This Won't Hurt A Bit" podcastHe said the man was complaining of bloody diarrhea and told doctors, "I really want to get treated for worms."

Dr. Bahn was skeptical at first until the man showed him the proof:

"I take out a toilet paper roll, and wrapped around it of course is what looks like this giant, long tapeworm." 

The worm was unraveled and laid out, measuring 5 and a half feet long. That's one huge tapeworm! The patient said he discovered the parasite while sitting on the toilet and thought that his "guts were coming out."

He was given a pill to get rid of the full worm and has since sworn off salmon forever.

Click here for more at the New York Daily News.

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