Dana Point Passes a Smoking Ban

Dana Point has become the second city in Orange County to pass a citywide public smoking ban. Following Laguna Beach, sidewalk and public smoking will no longer be permitted in Dana Point.  

Parks in the city have been smoke free since 2010. The ban goes into effect in 30 days. 

City Councilwoman Debra Lewis proposed the ban and its passed 3-2. A notable no vote came from Mayor Richard Viczorek who believes the ban doesn't go far enough. Residents of Dana Point will still be able to smoke in their cars and homes. 

Fourteen residents appeared before the vote to speak about the propsed ban: 

“This is extremely important, especially with recreational cannabis,” Dana Point resident Alan Bell said. “Respond to the will of the people, three out of four in Dana Point want this. Three seats are up in the next election. You tell us you want to be for the will of the voters — this stands as a testament to what voters want.” 

A Long Beach pediatrician, Jonathan Lukoff, warned the Council about the dangers of third hand smoke: 

“It causes cancer and infections in children,” he said. “It can cause heart attacks, stroke and sudden death in in infants. It gives off the same chemicals as vapes.” 

Read more at the OC Register 

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