#TastyTuesday With @ForkReporter Helps Us Make The Perfect Soup

With the cold weather here and the flu running wild across the state, soup sounds perfect in so many ways.

Now, it is super easy to grab a can, pour it in a bowl, and microwave it up.

But, we all know that a can of soup can just lack that soul-warming goodness that homemade soup always seems to have.

Problem is, making a good soup isn't that easy.


Lucky for you, we have the secrets to soup success.

It all comes down to 12 simple steps and tricks.

  1. Always make large batches
  2. Adding vegetables is key
  3. Think about cook time
  4. Make it spoon-sized
  5. Easy on the salt
  6. Stock matters
  7. Just keep simmering
  8. Mind your noodles
  9. Milk and cream can be complicated
  10. Pick the portion
  11. Get it cold
  12. Get it frozen

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