Dean Sharp Joins Us To Discuss Home Technology

Welcome to CES 2018 - Home Edition!

Everything is smart nowadays.

Your phone.  Your watch.  Your car.  Your toilet.


Yep, smart toilets are most certainly a thing and it doesn't stop there.

Now, many people have smart refrigerators that are linked to their phones and help you keep track of your grocery needs.

But what exactly does a smart toilet do?

Let's just say it keeps things "cleaner."

And it doesn't stop at smart toilets.

Kohler has rolled out Kohler Konnect, a system that allows you to interact with nearly everything in your bathroom, and allows all of those things to interact with each other.

From your toilet, to your shower, to your faucet, to your mirror, you can have a fully smart bathroom.

Imagine it...

Your tub auto-fills.

You tell your shower what to do.

Your faucet measures how much it has dispensed.

You don't have to touch anything on the toilet.

Your mirror changes lighting.

Sure sounds like the life to me.

As you would guess, home technology doesn't just mean a smart bathroom.

Home theaters are now portable, dishwashers are more efficient, home robots are here to help and so very much more.

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