Classes Back in Session at Cal State San Bernardino After Gunshots

Authorities are investigating what happened after a gun was fired and a bullet hit a window that a lockdown at Cal State San Bernardino on Wednesday night. 

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan told reporters yesterday an active shooter wasn't the cause for the scare.

"We do have a report of shots being fired north of us, which is in the hillside, and we do have a window that was struck by a round," Burguan told reporters at a news conference. 

One student who was told to shelter in place, said a single shot shattered a window on the Visual Arts Building on campus yesterday. 

"It's crazy because I work in that classroom all the time with community-based art, so it's pretty jarring," the student said. 

The gunfire prompted the university to cancel classes for the rest of the night. Students and staff were told to remain in place until they were told to leave by authorities out of an abundance of caution. Police say they went building-to-building to let people leave campus. 

The all-clear was eventually given around 11:30 p.m.  last night with no injuries reported. 

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