18-year-old Alabama man repeatedly molested horse

Daniel Bennett - Mobile Metro Jail

(Daniel Bennett - Mobile Metro Jail)

18-year-old Daniel Bennett from Irvington, Alabama has been accused of sexually molesting a horse after the animal's owner says she found evidence of his deeds in a barn stall.

The horse's owner said she found Bennett in her barn on Thursday night after her barking dogs led her inside.

Owner Francine Janes and her husband, who had a gun, found Bennett hiding in one of the barn's stalls. The husband held him at gunpoint until the cops showed up. They found that Bennett had a trench coat with a burglar's tool inside.

Francine Janes doesn't think this is the first time Bennett has messed with her horse. She says she's discovered what she believes is evidence in the horse's stall multiple times throughout last month.


Janes told WPMI:

"I would say seven maybe 10 times. Toilet paper had been left. The hay stacks had been removed. Items had been turned over. And that's as far as I want to go."

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