Houston police seek robber with Social Security tattoo on his forehead

Robert Charles Wooten - Houston Police Department

(Robert Charles Wooten - Houston Police Department)

Police in Houston had no problem identifying a robbery suspect thanks to his distinctive look. 40-year-old Robert Charles Wooten is known by authorities as "Social Security" because his social security number is tattooed on his forehead for all to see.

Late last year "Social Security" was involved with 3 armed robberies in Houston. During one of the robberies in October, he asked the cashier of a Valero corner store several questions, including:

“You care about your life?”

Wooten revealed a gun tucked into his waistband and demanded cigarettes. He went back to the store in November and demanded another brand of cigarettes, according to the store clerk.

In July 2017 Wooten exposed his genitals to a person and was charged with indecent exposure. According to Harris County Court records, he's been charged with a slew of things such as theft, trespassing, and violating protective court orders to drug crimes.

Houston police investigator Frank Heenan said that no one has been hurt in Wooten's crimes, but it's only a matter of time before someone is injured.

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