California Man Burns Down Apartment Trying to Kill Spider

A California man's attempt to kill a large spider with a torch lighter went very wrong on Sunday after the burning arachnid managed to scuttle away and cause a fire that now has the residents moving out.

According to the Record Searchlight, one of the men who lived in the apartment spotted a large wolf spider and decided to use a torch lighter to kill the bug. 

Problem was, the spider (which was now on fire), was still alive and managed to run onto a nearby mattress, igniting it. The residents managed to extinguish the fire on the mattress, but by then the fire had spread to a flag collection and drapes in the bedroom. 

According to Battalion Chief Rob Pitt, all the residents escaped the building, and no one was injured. Costs of the blaze are estimated to be around $11,000 officials say. 

The fire was extinguished quickly with no sign of the eight-legged menace. As for the two men who were living in the apartment, they'll have to find new accommodations. The unit they're living in is currently uninhabitable according to officials.

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