More than 28,000 complaints over L.A.'s new trash pickup program

More than 28,000 of L.A.'s trash customers have filed reports of missed collections since July, shedding light on just one of the problems with the city's new recycling program.

RecycLA comes from Mayor Eric Garcetti, and it gives 7 companies exclusive rights to pick up trash and recycling at about 7,000 businesses, apartment buildings, and condo complexes. The program was billed as a way to boost recycling and take polluting trash trucks off the road.

One of the biggest complaints about RecycLA is that trash bills have skyrocketed, with some customers being charged extra when haulers open locked gates or pull bins to the curb.

Last week we talked to L.A. city watchdog Jack Humpreville who has been following this trash debacle. Listen to his interview below:

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