Taco Bell Set to Serve Something TOTALLY New

Never a chain to shy away from culinary innovation, Taco Bell is adding french fries to their menu and of course, putting their own take on them front and center. 

You might be thinking, "Fries? Who cares?! This is the restaurant that made a taco shell out of a Dorito!" Yes, fries are 'basic' but Taco Bell isn't serving plain old fries. You're going to be able to order Nacho Fries which are described as warm crispy fries served with a side of creamy nacho cheese dipping sauce. The Nacho Fries can be ordered Supreme or Bell Grande and are customizable with offerings of pico de gallo, beef, nacho cheese, or sour cream. 

One thing NOT being served with the fries? KETCHUP. 

Taco Bell will be serving fries for a limited time, nationwide, beginning January 25th and are priced at only $1. This is part of the chain's plan to compete with other fast food restaurant's dollar value menus and part of their larger plan to introduce 20 new $1 menu items in the coming year. 


Read more at CNBC 

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