San Bernardino Sheriff's Deputy Dies After Assault

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is mourning one of its own. Sergeant James Mahan says Deputy Lawrence Falce died last night, two days after he was violently attacked by a driver in San Bernardino. 

"We're sad, extremely sad. We're also angry. This should have never have happened. It's completely inexcusable." 

The incident, which occurred while Falce was off-duty, began after the 70-year-old Falce got into a dispute with another driver after the two crashed into one another near University Avenue and Kendall Drive. During the melee, Falce was struck in the head by the other driver, severely injuring the deputy. Authorities described the attack as 'brutal' and that Deputy Falce never regained consciousness after the attack. 

Falce was taken off life support just after 8pm on Tuesday evening.  

On New Year’s Eve, Deputy Larry Falce was violently attacked after a minor traffic collision in his personal vehicle. Larry was hospitalized and succumbed to his injuries this evening. At 10:00 PM, a procession will accompany his body from Loma Linda Hospital to the Coroner’s Office. Rest easy, Larry and thank you for your service. 

The other driver has been taken into custody, but the sheriff's department hasn't released any information about him.

Falce, a 36-year veteran of the department is being remembered as an 'honorable man' and a 'lifelong public servant who cared deeply about this profession.' At 70, the deputy was the oldest sworn member of the Sheriff's Department. 

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