L.A. Shut Out On Opening Day; OC Leads The Way

There will be NO recreational marijuana stores open anywhere in the Los Angeles area when California legalization kicks in on New Year's Day, according to the "L.A. Times."  That's due to bureaucratic issues with licensing.  But, the "Orange County Register" reports that at least seven licensed pot shops will open in Santa Ana at 7 a.m. tomorrow.  

In fact, Some Santa Ana shopkeepers are concerned that they might be overwhelmed by first-day crowds, given that Southern California's only other legal weed outlets will be in the Palm Springs and San Diego areas.

Authorities are also reminding drivers that driving high will also get you a DUI. Electronic message boards on the freeway are adding some new safe-driving slogans including; "Drive High, Get a DUI," and "Drive Baked, Get Booked!" and even the hashtag "#DUIDoesntJustMeanBOOZE." 

Photo: Getty Images

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