Cybercrime in 2018: Snowden, Bitcoin & Ballots

Love him or hate him, "Edward Snowden" is a man and a name who's become practically synonymous with privacy.

Ethics aside, the man's intelligence hasn't ever really been called into question.  And we know he's a techie.

So it didn't come as too much of a surprise when the former NSA contractor decided to create and release a new mobile security app called "Haven."

Haven isn't your typical security app.

It's goal is to convert an Android device into  a multi-functional security gadget.

These sensors include your Android smartphone or tablet's accelerometer, camera, microphone, lightsensor, and ability to detect when a power supply is plugged in or removed. The app monitors each one for measurable changes and records any activity in an event log. 

Former FBI Cybercrimes agent and current VP of Cyber Security at Gavin de Becker and Associates EJ Hilbert joined us to talk about Haven, and what 2018 might have in store for both Bitcoin and ballot tampering.

Listen in the iHeart Radio Player below!

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