Starfish Making Major Comeback after Syndrome Killed Millions

Four years after a mysterious syndrome killed millions of starfish, the sea stars are finally making a major comeback.

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome hit starfish from British Colombia to Mexico where the creatures would develop lesions, disintegrate and their arms turning into goo.

Researchers say now the species is finally making a resurgence and more sea stars are being seen in Southern California tide pools.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium aquarist Darryl Deleske says the comeback is huge.

 "A couple of years ago, you wouldn't find any. I dove all the way as far as Canada, specifically looking for sea stars, and found not a single one.

When it did (arrive), you just started to see them melt everywhere. You'd see an arm here, an arm there."

While the survivors are thriving, researchers say the syndrome hasn't completely disappeared in Northern and Central California and has resurfaced near Washington state.

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