Pamela Guest: The First of Many

Actress Pamela Guest has the unfortunate distinction as being one of the first women in the modern entertainment era to have been raped by an industry mogul.

In 1971, Guest was an aspiring actress with nothing but high hopes.  But everything changed when she showed up for a supposed audition

It started, she says, after she was raped in the early 1970s by Oscar-winning songwriter Joseph Brooks while auditioning for what she thought would be a role in one of his movies.  

It was at this mock audition that the assault took place.  

But like so many survivors of sexual assault, Guest never even knew her attacker's name.

Brooks had used a fictitious identity when creating the casting call.

It wasn't until 2013 that Pamela discovered the true identity of her attacker, when she came upon an article online finally identified her rapist as both an Academy Award & Grammy winning composer - and perhaps not-so-surprisingly - the father of a murderer.

Ms. Guest joined Mo' Kelly in the studio on Wednesday to tell her harrowing story and all about her new short film: First of Many.

Listen to her entire interview with Mo' Kelly in the KFI Player below!

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