New poll shows majority of Californians are against the gas tax

A new poll from UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies found that 52% of likely California voters would back an initiative to repeal the tax hikes on gas and vehicle license fees. 

46% said they would "strongly" support a repeal. Those who want the repeal are mostly Republican with 80% of them wanting to get rid of the thing, while 32% of Democrats and 56% of independents would vote for a repeal.

This won't be a Republican-Democrat debate for much longer, everyone's going to suffer from this tax! It's no surprise to learn that Bay Area voters support the tax more over Inland California voters. Poll director Mark DiCamillo told the Sacramento Bee:

“The Bay Area is a much more liberal-leaning, progressive electorate that I think puts more stock in the greater good. That’s a progressive value, if you believe the greater good is served by this modest increase in gas taxes, versus others who say, ‘I’m already paying too much in taxes, therefore I’m in favor of repeal.' It’s not winning a lot of support among voters in the inland counties; that includes Sacramento and the Central Valley.”

This tax will do nothing! We already pay the highest taxes in the nation and we've got nothing to show for it. How are we supposed to believe this tax is going to do anything for our roads?!

Click here to read more about the poll's findings at the Sacramento Bee.

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