The Craziness Of Christmas Day With The Dad Podcast

(Alright, so there's pretty much two angles I can write this from.

Either I'm writing this to explain Christmas Day to people who have no idea how it works, or I'm explaining Christmas Day to people who are living in denial of the realities of their family and life on that day.

I think I'll go with the former, because that way it better highlights some of the ridiculousness of how families interact with each other on what is supposed to be a joyous day.)

Christmas Day can a be tricky day.

Not because people don't want it to be a perfectly amazing day, but because there is just sooooo much.

It isn't just your spouse and kids.  There's also four grandparents, five uncles, six aunts, 12 cousins, someone's new puppy that isn't potty trained yet, and one or two friends that need a family to be with for the holidays.

So, with that, there's a bunch of presents, a bunch of food, a bunch of alcohol, and a BUNCH of tension.

Everything has to be perfect in every way.

What comes with a tension heavy day in which everything has to be perfect?

A fast-moving, packed schedule that can get a little out of hand.

Here's how it usually goes...

Wake up: 7:55am

Open gifts: 8:19am

First candy or sweet: 8:39am

Eat breakfast: 9:02am

First family argument: 9:58am

First admonishing of child: 11:07am

First alcoholic drink: 11:49am

Christmas dinner: 3:24pm

First person falls asleep: 4:59pm

Play board game at: 5:46pm

Go to sleep: 11:39pm

Sure sounds joyous, doesn't it?

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