Elfis Is Dead

Elfis is dead.  

Some say it was an accident.  

Others say it was intentional.  

You decide.

Like so many families across the nation, the Mease family in Wylie, Texas has an Elf on the Shelf.

His name?  Elfis, of course.

(To save us all the pain of the gruesome details, I'll make this quick.)

Brittany Mease was startled by her two children while moving Elfis, so she tossed him in the oven to hide him.

Later, she started preheating the oven...with Elfis still inside.

Then, Brittany smelled it.

She screamed some obscenities, her children ran in, and chaos ensued.

They tried to save Elfis, but his head popped off and he was burned beyond repair.

(I know that escalated quickly.  I'm sorry.  I promise you that the longer, slower version would hurt more.)

Luckily, Santa was able to take Elfis home and repair him.

Read the full story at WFAA 8 ABC News

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