Pawnographic Chess Logo is Shaking the Internet

The new World Chess Championship logo is raising some brows as many are dubbing the image “pawnographic”.

And of course, the internet had a field day and let the comments fly:

Owner of the Chessable learning website, David Kramaley says he likes the new look.

“People are openly laughing at it. But, joking aside, I’ve got to say it has grown on me.”

Others aren't a fan, one being chess grandmaster Susan Polgar Susan Polgar says this isn't appropriate for children.

"More than 50% of the world chess playing population are kids. They are also the biggest purchasing block by a HUGE margin, many times more than adults. Do you think that logo can be marketable in schools?"

World Chess said on its website that the new logo, created by the Moscow-based agency Shuka Design, was “controversial and trendy, just like the host city.”

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