Couple has baby from 24-year-old frozen embryo

Emma Gibson was born on November 25, 2017, but she was actually conceived in 1992. Her frozen embryo was donated to a faith-based clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee that specializes in embryo donation and adoption.

Emma's mother Tina Gibson told NBC affiliate WBIR:

“Do you realize that I’m 25 years old? If the baby was born when it was supposed to born, we could have been best friends."

Emma's dad Benjamin Gibson said:

"I think she looks pretty perfect to have been frozen all those years ago."

Fertility clinic records are kept private, and there aren't any official databases on the ages of embryos when they're transferred into a woman's uterus.

Experts say that Emma's birth could set a record, but it's hard to no for sure. Sean Tipton, spokesman for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said:

“These are not the kind of claims that are generally made in peer-reviewed scientific publications. They are typically the kind of claims that are made by marketers."

Dr. David Adamson, CEO of Arc Fertility in San Jose, added:

“I think it is probably fair to say if it is not the oldest, it would be among the oldest. I’m not personally aware of a medical report where an older embryo has resulted in a live birth.”

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