It's Not Your Imagination - California Has The Nation's Worst Drivers

California is notorious for its bad driving and now out-of-staters have the data to back that up. According to a new survey from QuoteWizard, a national auto insurance company, California is #1 for the nation's worst drivers. 


According to the methodology used by QuoteWizard, there's a few factors at work. For one, California has seen an increase in citations and DUIs over the last year as well as the worst ranking for DUIs in the US in 2016. The Golden State also has the dubious honor of having five of the top ten cities with the worst drivers in the nation, including Sacramento which was named the nation's worst city for drivers. 

California's huge population means we have a lot more drivers driving a lot more miles. With 39.2 million, more than any other state in the union, there's bound to be our fair share of bad drivers. 

If you're looking to move to a state with some better drivers, you can't do any better than Rhode Island. Despite the fact the state is neither a road, nor an island, drivers there take top marks for accidents, speeding, citations and fatalities. Rhode Island's only issue seems to be with DUIs as they rank 13th for those. 

You can also find some pretty good drivers in Florida, as they hold its status as the state with the second-best drivers in America. According to QuoteWizard, the Sunshine State performed very well in every categories except fatalities. 

Photo: Getty Images

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