Dean Sharp Joins Us For His 2018 Design Trend Predictions

Design is a tricky business.

Sometimes you can see what will be the next trend and sometimes they seemingly come out of nowhere.

Is there a way to predict the next trend?  

Is there a way to know what style will infiltrate your home this year?

Well, to be honest, there's no definite way to know.

However, we have Dean Sharp "The House Whisperer," and he is pretty damn good at this stuff.

Dean's cooked up a list of his 2018 design predictions:

1. Natural pastels like Lavender and Olive Green - great with wood, stone and metal

2. High contrast - color palettes and material choices

3. Dark windows - the ultimate high contrast

4. Tone on Tone - nothing makes a piece of furniture feel like it belongs to a space more

5. Woven textures - baskets, lots and lots of baskets (an old world reckoning)

6. Variegated kitchen design - mismatched and stand alone cabinets, less uppers, bold pattern backsplashes

7. Floating off the floor - leggy furniture, wall mount sinks & toilets

8. Curbless showers

9. Concrete - tubs, sinks, counters, tiles

10. Multi-generational planning - granny flats, boomerang flats

11. Smart lighting

12. First call: designer instead of contractor

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