Man Flu, Is It Real?

A Canadian researcher says he has found that the man flu is actually a real thing!

Originally a derogatory way of describing how men exaggerate their symptoms and often behave like children when ill, Dr. Kyle Sue took it upon himself to prove the stereotype false...or true?

In his findings, he says men have naturally weaker immune systems and that women have a different response to flu vaccines.

"There are a couple of studies that show women having more local and systemic reactions to the flu shot than men."

He also says that men are more likely to die from the flu, regardless of underlying health issues.

Sue says the culprit of this "immunity gap" may be hormones as testosterone suppresses the immune system. 

If you want to check out the study, you can read it HERE.

And listen to Sue talk about his findings on the BMJ talk medicine podcast:

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