Study Says Teens Like Vaping and Weed More than Cigarettes

A report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that more teens are vaping and using marijuana than smoking cigarettes.

The study, administered by the University of Michigan, found that 22.9 percent of high school seniors said they used weed in the last month and 16.6 percent used a vaping device.

Of the same group, only 9.7 percent says they smoked cigarettes.

The study looked at over 43,703 kids in eighth, 10th and 12th grade in public and private schools nationwide.

Another stat coming from the report was that the teens use of most substances has either gone down or held steady at last years levels.

However, the use of marijuana has remained consistent and most doctors are concerned with the use of vaping because the health issues are an uncertainty.

Deputy director of the institute Dr. Wilson Compton says the concern is "that it may represent a new route for exposure to nicotine and marijuana.”

Most students (51.8 percent) says they believed that it was "just flavoring" in their vape mist and within the past month one in 20 12th-graders said they used marijuana in their vape pens and one in ten says they used nicotine.

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