Bus rolls while driver fights passenger

An Albuquerque city bus driver suspended for fighting a passenger tried to fight his punishment and lost.

Xavier Villarreal says he was just defending himself from an unruly passenger, but the surveillance footage taken on October 22, 2016 tells a different story.

The video shows a stubborn mumbling passenger get on the bus. Villarreal said:

“You got a f***ing problem, homie, or what?” 

The passenger replied:

“Yeah, I got a problem."

Villarreal told the passenger to get off and is seen pushing his hand away from the fare box, telling the passenger that he didn't need his money.

The passenger then pushed Villarreal's shoulder and that's when the fight broke out. Villarreal pushed the passenger off the bus, but he was able to get back on and the two fought for about two minutes all while the bus rolled down the street

Another passenger was able to get up and put the bus in park. The city of Albuquerque suspended Villarreal for six days without pay. The city also found that Villarreal didn't handle the situation properly and kicked him out of bus driving. 

He's been moved to the Solid Waste Department. Click here to read more at KRQE.

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