Teacher Resigns After Writing "I Want to Kill Children" on Projector

A Colorado teacher has resigned after projecting a note on his classroom screen saying:

“Silent reading … I want to kill children but I am a loving Christian man who never would hurt a flee so please sit down and read.”

The teacher, Kris Burghart is an eighth-grade teacher at Otho E. Stuart Middle School and was originally placed on administrative leave on December 5th.

School spokesperson Track Rudinick says the note was brought to their attention thanks to a parent.

“A student took a picture of it on his phone. The principal talked to [Burghart] and he admitted writing it.”

School superintendent Chris Fielder says the note was incredibly inappropriate.

“It is my firm belief that at no time, under any circumstance is it acceptable to threaten harm to our students — not as a teaching tool, not as venting frustration, not as a joke.” 

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