Are LA Shelter Dogs Going Vegan?

Shelter dogs in Los Angeles may be put on a vegan diet if a tv writer and musician get their way.  

Roger Wolfson is a TV screenwriter and he has proposed a rule to the LA city council that would force all local animal shelters to feed dogs plant-based vegan meals. 

“We have to embrace the fact that the raising and killing of animals for food purposes must only be done if we have absolutely no other choice,” Wolfson said at the council meeting. “This is about the long-term survival of every man, woman and child in this room, and all of the people in our lives.” 

Other celebrities are doubling down on this cause including the musician Moby who says that he expects Los Angeles to take the lead on progressive methods such as this. 

“If we adopt this, it’s one more thing that proves to the world that Los Angeles really is the progressive capital,” Moby testified. 

When consulted, a top veterinarian expressed his concern that the dogs will not be getting well rounded nutrition. Jeremy Prupas told the council, “We recognize that individual, privately owned dogs can do well on a wide variety of diets (Commercial, Vegetarian, Organic, Grain-free, Gluten-free, Raw, and Vegan),” Prupas’ report reads. “However, that is quite a different population than the group of dogs we encounter daily in our animal shelters.” 

"The dogs that go to shelters come from a range of diets, and are frequently stressed and often diverse nutritional needs," Prupas said. Wolfson replied that “the presence of meat contributes to that hysteria” in the dogs, but Prupas did not see any evidence in that claim. 

Prupas also testified that when the shelters fed dogs all-vegan food provided by pet food marketing campaigns, it caused some problems: “In the past they fed vegan diets to the animals and it caused a lot of diarrhea,” Prupas said. 

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