#TastyTuesday: What To Cook On A Date

Date nights can be nerve wracking.

What should you do?

What should the entertainment be?

Where should you eat?

Here's a tip...combine them.

A fantastic date night activity, that provides both the entertainment and the meal, is cooking dinner together.

Now, don't you go and freak out about what you should make.  

You know I wouldn't bring this up without giving you some awesome ideas.

In fact, I have some great ideas from some great chefs.

You could stay simple and stay familiar...

“Matt [Hyland, chef and co-owner of Emily and Emmy Squared] and I rarely get a date night in, but when we do stay in, we make something called ‘Nachos New York.’ It’s nothing fancy—just decadent nachos: chips, queso, jalapeños, scallions, cilantro. He’ll make pico, and I’ll almost always make guac. The most particular thing about Nachos New York is that we always make them on a sheet tray so that all the chips get equal topping distributio, and no chip is left uncovered. We eat them with Other Half tall boys.” 

—Emily Hyland, co-owner, Emily and Emmy Squared, New York

Maybe you're feeling a little hands on...

“For dates, I think it’s fun for both people to help—so fresh pasta is a nice way to be engaging. I’d make the pasta dough ahead of time and prepare a simple salad—bitter greens and olives—and a side of roasted mushrooms with hazelnuts. Then you just toss in the pasta in butter, chopped herbs, and Parmesan. It’s simple, not expensive, and delicious.” 

—Elise Kornack, former chef and owner, Take Root, New York

Or, perhaps you don't want to stay in the kitchen at all...

“For the first date I had with Felix (my now husband), we went out together to Whole Foods. We didn’t choose anything that needed cooking, but picked up charcuterie and pâté and the best cheeses we could find, plus nuts, fruits, olives, and figs with honey and goat cheese for dessert, and a bottle of champagne. It was hands down the best meal I have ever had on a date, and it didn’t involve a minute of cooking.” 

—Katie Button, chef and owner, Cúrate and Nightbell, Asheville

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