Jerry Brown blames wildfires on climate change

Over the weekend Governor Jerry Brown went out to Ventura to look at the devastation caused by the Thomas Fire. While he was there, he called for a global fight against climate change and warned that the state's fire seasons would continue to get longer and more intense.

Brown said in a news conference:

“This is the new normal. We’re facing a new reality where fires threaten peoples’ lives, their properties, their neighborhoods and cost billions and billions of dollars. We have to have the resources to combat the fires, and also have to invest in managing our vegetation and forests and all the ways we dwell in this very wonderful place — but a place that’s getting hotter.”

The Governor declared a state of emergency and authorized the deployment of 1,200 National Guard members to help firefighters.

He went on to say:

“There have (historically) been very long droughts in California and we are getting some of those returning very bad, and we’re going to get them returning more often. And then, with climate change, some scientists are saying California is literally burning up.”

Leave it to Jerry Brown to preach is agenda when people are in dire need of help. Click here to read more at the OC Register.

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