Dean Sharp Joins Us To Discuss Stone & Tile

Stone and tile.

We all have a pretty basic understand of each, don't we?

Well, it isn't quite as simple as you think.

There are some major differences, and you want to make sure you understand them before you choose one over the other for your home.

Are you up for the Great GaS Stone & Tile Quiz?

Play along with Gary and Shannon.

What’s the difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile?

What what are the two parts of a ceramic tile?

Name one of the three major classifications stone?

What is warmer to the touch, stone or concrete?

What are the two types of stone slab cuts?

Why does the color of your mortar matter?

Why would you want your tile to be rectified?

Why is mortar applied with a notched trowel?

Is manufactured stone more or less expensive than real?

Where does authentic Mexican Saltillo tile come from?

When you find this on a Saltillo tile floor it’s considered good luck. What is it?

What kind of stone can be back-lit because it’s translucent?

Should tile ever be set without grout?

What are the two types of grout?

Prior to the industrial revolution how were 20 ton blocks of marble cut from a quarry?

Relative to the world of power tools how dangerous are tile saws?

What is the most common shape of an authentic subway tile?

What is limestone, marble and travertine primarily made of?

For ceramic and porcelain tiles what does “through body color” mean?

When you go to a stone yard how are the slabs of stone arranged?

What is currently Dean’s favorite marble? 

If you want to hear Dean's answers to all of these questions, tune in and listen to "Home with Dean Sharp" this Sunday at 9 am.

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