Hair Heist!

Montclair police are still looking for answers stemming from an October 25 robbery of Baby Doll Luxury Hair after theives made off with more than $8,000 worth of human hair used for extensions.

The store's security video shows two men enter the store while one jumped behind the counter and tied up a salewoman. They stole cash and 80 bundles of hair, valued at $200 each. The woman was able to get her hands free and use her cellphone to call for help. 

Baby Doll Luxury Hair employs safety measures similar to jewelry stores in that patrons need to be buzzed in to enter the shop. The robbers worked around this by having one of them buzz to be let in while the other hid from the employee's view. 

"I don't know what's going on. I don't know if this is related to one another or if it's a group of individuals that's really trying to get this hair," the owner said.

The female employee was not hurt but she no longer works at the store.

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