Claim: Parking ticket penny protest ends with poopy pants

Anthony Sevy got a parking ticket, and he was not happy about it. He tried to pay for it with pennies, but according to his attorney he was turned away, choked, and then defecated himself.

Attorney Jonathan Marco told Fox 2 Detroit:

"I don't think that in everyday course of business, we poop our pants or go around defecating ourselves."

Sevy had a $10 parking ticket, but was told that if he paid for it with a credit card there would be a $1.75 surcharge. He protested the surcharge by coming back with a bag of pennies to pay for the ticket.

Marco said:

"He wasn't happy about it so, in symbolic protest, he brought back penny rolls to pay for his ticket. The clerk wasn't too happy about that, they refused to allow him to pay with penny rolls."

An exchange between Sevy and a court officer was caught on video, in which you can see the two exchange words. The officer asks Sevy to leave, but then Marco says this happened:

"As he was leaving the court house with his back to the officer, the court officer began to choke him out, grabbing him, brought him to the ground. Mr. Sevy passed out and defecated himself."

Sevy was arrested, and now he's suing the officer at the Royal Oak Court. Marco added:

"I don't think anyone paying in penny rolls, whether it's a preferred thing to do for a court clerk, warrants this type of this assaultive behavior and violation of constitutional rights."

City attorney David Gillam says the city hasn't been served with the lawsuit yet, but he is aware of the case. Sevy was charged with assaulting or obstructing a police officer and disturbing the peace.

Marco says the video clearly shows that his client is the real victim and suffered more than just physical injuries:

"I think the more profound and long-lasting injury is the psychological injuries he's suffering as a result of this. He's supposed to be in a safe place."

Sevy pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace, and the charge for assault/obstruction was dropped.

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