The Museum of Failure

The Museum of Failure is set to open and contrary to its name, people think it'll be a major success.

The exhibit will be up for a two month run starting on December 2nd at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in the Los Angeles Arts District.

The museum will feature over 100 failed products and ideas including food, furniture, medical instruments and games.

Founder of the museum, Dr. Samuel West had researched all of these failed ideas and wants people to be inspired and learn from the failures of each project.

"I started the Museum of Failure out of frustration — it's time we accept failure, learn from it, and truly achieve progress.

I am thrilled to bring the hilarious, yet impactful memories of these colossal flops to Los Angeles."

The museum is set to open Saturday December 2nd and will run until Sunday, February 4th.

General admission tickets will go for $15 and are available HERE.

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