The 2017 L.A. Auto Show Brings New Car Concepts, Future of Transportation

More than 1,000 vehicles have been rolled into the Los Angeles Convention Center for the upcoming L.A. Auto Show happening December 1st through the 10th. The 2017-2018 North American auto-show season will feature dozens of car makers plying their wares on the L.A. Convention Center floor. 

Carmakers are looking to the future if the concept cars and production models on display this week are any indication. The public will get to see the results of the billions invested by auto companies in technologies like self-driving and battery-powered vehicles. 

It's those battery powered and hybrid vehicles that are expected to be the stars of the show. Many major supercar makers like Porche, and Range Rover will display plug-in and hybrid models of its more popular models. With governments in France and Britain (and even California) setting goals to eliminate gas engines, more automakers are trying to embrace the electric future. 

Gearheads can check out all the newest models at the L.A. Auto Show starting December 1st. Doors open at 9 a.m. 

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