Tasty Tuesday: 7 Ways Restaurants Control Your Mind

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FoodBeast just detailed a hearty list of ways that restaurants are controlling your mind and getting you through those doors.

It’s obvious that your brain can play tricks on you, but they may be more powerful when it comes to food. Brands have spent years perfecting and crafting their presence to get into the minds of customers; this isn’t a new fact. Some brands may make your mouth water at the thought of one of their products through commercials, promotions, word-of-mouth, and product placement.

Color schemes play a massive role in roping in customers to restaurants. McDonald’s logo, for instance, features the color red which is said to increase one’s appetite and create a sense of urgency. Yellow reflects cheeriness and optimism which parallels McDonald’s popular slogan “I’m Lovin’ It.”

Denny’s 24-hour breakfast also sports the red and yellow color combination.

A social media post of a meal usually makes the food look better than it actually is in person. In-N-Out Burger, for example, is known for having particularly camera-friendly products that look absolutely delicious in people’s Instagram and Twitter posts.

Because of its massive popularity, thousands post photos of their In-N-Out order on social media on a daily basis, and it may be the California-based burger chain’s best form of word-of-mouth promotion.

Special days at chains tend to rake in customers, with Popeyes Fried Chicken Tuesdays making the list.

Tuesday’s have become known for their chicken special that’s basically the equivalent of Taco Tuesday for fried chicken -- a leg and a thigh for $1.99.

Amongst these mind busters is Long John Silver’s intentional strategy to not open a lot of franchises. Apparently, the lack of nearby Long John Silver’s locations gives customers the sense of immediate urgency in eating the fried seafood, regardless if we even want it or if we are hungry.

Little Caesar’s concluded the list with their much-loved Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread because it literally drives people nuts. Inexpensive, delicious, served in massive portions, and ready to go as soon as you order, the breadsticks have people coming back time and time again.

These seven ways are prone to get you through the doors, leaving with your belly stuffed, and mind in a haze.

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