Project Veritas vs. Washington Post: Two Sides to the Same Story

It's a battle of he said, they said!

The Washington Post published a report about a woman who not only falsely claimed she had been assaulted by Roy Moore as a teen, but she is also working with Project Veritas.

After the investigative piece was published, the founder of Project Veritas James O'Keefe tweeted a video of his confrontations with one of the Post's writers, Aaron Davis.

In O'Keefe's video, most of the Posts questions about the woman in the original article.

Instead, it focuses on Davis' choice not to comment on Project Veritas' work on releasing a tape of a recorded conversation with Post staff writer Dan Lamothe. 

“Is The Washington Post ambushing me and confronting us because of what we’re about to release? Is this a sort of anticipatory behavior ahead of what we’re about to do?”

The Post then countered that with their video showing the entire encounter.

In the version the Post shared, O'Keefe dodged questions about the woman and her affiliation, if any, with Project Veritas. 

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