It's Travel Deal Tuesday...?

First there was Black Friday, Small Business Saturday then Cyber Monday.

Now a fourth contender has entered the ring called Travel Deal Tuesday.

Today you can score more than 40% off round trip flights to destinations all over the world, says travel app Hopper.

Hopper will use flight price reports to track various flights when to "fly and buy" for the lowest price.

Using their program, Hopper expects these international fare sales to be the most popular choices:

  • Cancun, Mexico: $313
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: $358
  • Bogota, Columbia: $418
  • Reykjavik, Iceland: $502
  • Dublin, Ireland: $531
  • Paris, France: $566
  • London, United Kingdom: $594
  • Bangkok, Thailand: $607
  • Delhi, India: $669
  • Madrid, Spain: $678
  • Tokyo, Japan: $736
  • Rome, Italy: $741

If you want to see Hopper's full offerings check it out HERE.

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