Hot Rails in the Classroom!

24-year-old English teacher, Samantha Cox, has been formally charged with felony possession of cocaine as well as misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia 

Police officers were called to Lake Central high school in St. John, Indiana last week after several students reported to their principal that they witnessed Cox using drugs in her classroom. According to court documents, one student recorded video of what appeared to be a teacher snorting a line of an illegal substance. 


Police brought in their drug sniffing dog, Igar, to Cox's classroom where he immediately alerted officers to check a locked drawer in her desk. After the drawer was unlocked police found "a clear tightly twisted bag with multiple small rolled up pieces of tin foil," court records state. Police also found an "outer plastic wrap from a cigarette package" with rolled up tin foil pieces, as well as "a rolled up small piece of paper" that looked like a straw that a detective "knows to be used to ingest illegal narcotics through one's nostril," according to the affidavit. 

Cox admitted to cops that she purchased $160 worth of cocaine before school, noting that she typically buys her drugs after school but she was feeling 'sick' and needed a fix. 

Samantha Cox has been a teacher at Lake Central High School since 2016 and also worked as a student teacher there. Cox told police that her cocaine habit started during her freshman year of college at Purdue University. It is unclear is she has been fired from Lake Central. 

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Samantha Cox (Lake County Sheriff's Department)

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