#GivingTuesday: What You Need to Know

In the spirit of holiday giving, many not only save up to spend but they save up to give.

While it's a lovely thought to want to donate and give to those in need, there are a few people who want to scam you this Giving Tuesday.

Fundraising consultant Harry Freedman says people need to be sure their contribution is going to the place they think it will.

“You have to really be careful because you may see an organization that has a name that looks familiar to you, but they’ve added a word and it could be somebody that really isn’t a legitimate charity.

You want to look at how much the charity raises and how much they spend. Sometimes you can see that fifty percent of your dollar actually goes to administration, whereas only fifty percent goes to supply programs.”

There are many worthy charities and we here at KFI are proud to be a friend of Caterina's Club!

You've heard us talk about our annual Pastathon event and it's coming up soon.

The cause is great, the event is fun and there's pasta involved! What's not to love!?

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