Rich DeMuro's Tips to Maximize Cyber Monday Savings

Cyber Monday is the premiere online shopping day and tech expert Rich DeMuro has some tips to get you the best deals!

Tip #1: Download retailer apps!

In today's digital era, more often than not your fave stores have their own apps and with them app specific deals.

Rich says:

Also, be sure notifications for these apps are turned on. Stores often “push” out special deals throughout the day and this way, you are prepared to receive the messages.

Tips #2: Sign up for emails!

Yes, emails are still the top way to get the insider info to all your top shops latest sales and deals. Often times you'll get special coupon codes that aren't available to the general public.

Rich says:

Another technique is to scour your inbox for specials. Just type the words “cyber monday” in quotes into the search box. This will bring up a list of all emails that feature a Cyber Monday deal! Browse through and flag or star your favorites so you don’t forget about them.

Tip #3: Check out deal websites!

Rich hasn't made his love of deal websites a secret, but here are a few additional ones he loves:

Brad’s Deals also features handpicked deals and has been around for a long time.

Also, a good place to start is, which is the official site of the National Retail Federation for the online shopping day they coined back in 2005. Deals are mainly organized by brand.

Tip #4: Get social!

As you scroll down your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds make sure to follow retailers or brands you like.

Often times on social media they will give followers special discount codes and interact with fans to give them deals.

On Twitter, go to a profile page and click where it says “Tweets and replies” to see messages they have written to customers asking for codes or deals.

On Facebook, go to a profile page and on the left-hand side click where it says “Posts.” Then look on the right-hand side for a section labeled “Visitor Posts.”

Social media is a great way to ask companies and brands if they are having any Cyber Monday specials – especially if you can’t seem to find an offer out in the open.

Tip #5: Price check!

Rich has a whole list of sites he uses to price compare and check out sales to see where the best deal is available at any time.

CamelCamelCamel has a funny name but some useful features. Paste in an Amazon URL and it will show you a price chart of that item over time.

Keepa offers similar price history features and can also send you alerts when a price drops. The website has extensions for popular web browsers.

An app called Earny can track the prices of stuff you buy from 30 top retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Macy’s and more. If the price drops, Earny will automatically claim a refund for the difference on your behalf. Here’s my KTLA segment on it.

If you love these tips (and Rich as much as we do) make sure to follow him on Facebook or Twitter!

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