Disgusting London bedroom is infested with bed bugs

Disgusting footage from a London pest control company will make you want to become a clean freak. The workers show a bedroom that's infested with bedbugs that crawl all over the mattress, blankets, and even on the walls.

One of the blankets on top of the bed is covered in eggs and the bed frame is red with blood where the bugs feasted on their human hosts.

There are even bulges in the ceiling where the bugs created colonies around a ceiling fan and a light socket.

The nightmare apartment is part of a 135-unit complex that has been plagued by tens of thousand of bed bugs for years.

How could anyone live like that for years?!

Peter, one of the workers, in the video says the room is "one of the worst [he's] ever seen." He points to the bed and adds:

"Last night they were sleeping in this bed. This is the bed that they have slept in every night, the two of them."

Mark, the worker shooting the video, says:

"This is what these poor residents of the building are up against. This is actually where someone was living."

Keep your house, room, apartment, or where ever you live clean!

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