An App to Fight Your Traffic Tickets

With traffic tickets going up higher and higher, one entrepreneur decided to do something to help after he himself got slammed with a major ticket.

Chris Riley launched TIKD in February to "give people access to services [like lawyers] in a cost efficient way."

Through the app, users enter their fine amount, take a picture of the ticket, choose a payment method and get on the road!

The fee is only a one time deal and they say it will always be less than your original ticket.

Now you're probably wondering how the hell does this work? 

According to their site its because:

We already know what’s going to happen. Maybe not with your particular ticket, but on average. Many tickets that are challenged are either dismissed or result in reduced fines.

Since TIKD handles so many tickets, we know with a pretty high degree of certainty what is going to happen to a particular type of ticket, and therefore how much it’s going to cost us.

Because our costs are lower than the average fine amount we’re able to cover the cost of the attorney for you.

Before you get too excited, there are a few limitations.

Riley says TIKD will not handle tickets involving minors, alcohol, serious injury, or death. 

"No DUIs or people drag racing.... [It's] everyday mistakes that people make."

Check out TIKD HERE.

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