Think Women Aren't Suited For Jobs in Tech? New Study Will Change Your Mind

According to a recent survey conducted by the Brookings Institution, women have better digital skills than men. The report, titled: Digitalization and the American Workforce reviewed "information about the knowledge, skills, tools and technology; education and training; work context; and work activities required" for high tech jobs, and it gave women a digital score of 48 versus 45 for men.

Even though women have an aptitude for tech work, more men occupy the high paying jobs in computer engineering and management fields. For their part, women hold only 30 percent of the technical jobs and that number is actually thinning out when it comes to management roles. 

"While digitalization holds out significant opportunities for less-educated or historically marginalized workers or groups to move up the employment ladder, too few of them appear to be making that progress," the report said.

Read the full report here

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