Historic Georgia Dome Imploded

25  years after opening, the Georgia Dome has turned to rubble. It is the  only facility to host The Olympics, The Final Four, and The Super Bowl.  It was the home of the Atlanta Falcons, and it imploded with the help of 5,000 pounds of explosives early Monday  morning.  

The  blast occurred at 7:30am ET and it only took about 15 seconds for the  building to collapse. The implosion team is investigating why some parts  of the structure failed to fall, Morgan Smith-Williams of the Georgia  World Congress Center Authority suspects that the charges weren't strong  enough. The cleanup effort is expected to take about three months. 

The  implosion went viral today after a camera perfectly positioned by The  Weather Channel to capture the event was blocked by a city bus. 

Read More at Fox 5 Atlanta

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